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I just drooled all over myself...Thank you for the inspiration to try something new.

Justin is entirely jealous. Not that I'm not, but he asked me specifically to tell you. He's not sure he can speak to you anymore ;)

I had a fillet sou vide a couple days ago at a 'fancy' restaurant and it was terrible! They took it right out of the bag and plated it. There was no searing and the texture of it was just weird. What a terrible thing to do to such a beautiful piece of meat! Wish they had seen this recipe first!!

I was in the store and they have these whole beef tenderloins... vacuum packed... what about just throwing the whole thing into the sous vide bath? thing is it's about 85mm thick which if i'm right means about 9 hours of cooking at 131F... 1. will i ruin it without salt? 2. should i just cut into steaks and do it that way?


You could probably do it, depending on how big your sous vide bath is and how long the tenderloin is. You won't ruin it without salt, you'll just want to season it after it's cooked. Odds are, it's packaged with a bit of salt in it anyway. You'll want to check on it periodically to make sure the vacuum pack is maintaining its seal.

As for cutting it into steaks, it would certainly cook faster that way, so I guess it depends on how you want to serve it!

I was wondering the same thing as Dave. I also have a freezer full of Omaha Steak filets, pork chops, chicken breasts, etc - all individually vacuum packed already. As you know, they are all uniform size. Can they go directly into the sous vide?

Also, what about pork tenderloins that are already marinated, like the ones from Trader Joe's or Safeway?

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