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Hey, this is my recipe, which I just posted last week. I don't know anyone else who uses ketchup, so it's been my secret ingredient. Another person mentioned that I was a little vague on the heat when the chicken stewed, so I've fixed that. I hope you liked it!

We loved it! I had the heat a little high on the ketchup step, so the skin didn't get as crispy as I wanted it too before it started charring, but overall it was great (and super easy to prep, which is always nice). I had the leftovers for lunch today and had enough sauce left over that I'll be making some more rice and probably throwing in some veggies just so I have something to put the sauce on.

I appreciate the feedback. I'm one of those "wing it" cooks,and it's been a little bit of a challenge to get things down properly. I'm new to the blog world and hope to get better.

With adobo, the ingredients are so flexible. I never measure the sory sauce, vinegar, or chicken broth. You just pour it in until it's how you like it. That's the beauty of adobo. It's great with chili peppers too, if you like it more spicy. The sauce is so addictive, I agree.

I made this tonight. I didn't have any chicken stock so I used veggie broth instead. I also pan cooked the chicken first (after boiling) and then used the marinade to deglaze the pan and cook it down. Since I used broth instead of stock I added 2T of corn starch to thicken things up. Overall it is good but I am surprised how strong the salty side is. I added no salt to the recipe and my broth / stocks never have added salt. I'm still enjoying what I'm eating but I expected it to be sweeter. Next time I will try more coconut milk (and I'll make sure I have chicken stock around), and I might try low sodium soy, and then maybe add a little sugar if things still aren't to my liking. It's a good meal though regardless.

HOJ McHODGE, look at the comment before yours. :) The sauce is about as flexible as it gets. Try less soy sauce, or more vinegar, or whatever you're in the mood for.

Ninete, I think the ketchup step adds a lot to the recipe, so I'm glad I stumbled on your recipe when I was looking around to try something new.

Hi J and Hoj, thanks for your feedback here. Based on these comments, I fixed the recipe, so there's more details where you found gaps (see http://bigboldbeautifulfood.blogspot.com/2009/03/filipino-chicken-adobo.html). Hoj, your modifications were great. Depending on your palate, you can certainly cut down the soy sauce and vinegar, or on the other side, just add more broth. You can use the general idea of adobo with chicken, pork, chicken and pork, fish, etc. I have never heard of beef adobo, but maybe there's always a first time for anything. A lot of people don't do the pan-frying step either. You can just eat it "soft."

In any case, I'm so glad you gave adobo a try. Filipino food is one of the most ignored Asian cuisines, so it makes me happy to hear people are trying it.

That chicken looks good!

A good dinner once again! This time I had chicken stock instead of veggie broth and it cuts the saltiness down perfectly. Yum!

Oh yeah, and I made it with light versions of everything. Still super tasty. Next time I'll go back to bone in thighs though.

Filipino Chicken? that sounds great. I never tested it. I wish my wife read this awesome blog and learn something different to prepared at home

Your chicken adobo is very good! I'm glad I spotted your recipe and it was our dinner last night. Everybody loves it! I always love Filipino food and thanks a lot for sharing.

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Chicken is my favorite food dish, when ever I am alone at that time I am going to cook nothing but only chicken..! Any recipe with the chicken, probably I test it all...!!! And here again you are giving me the new chicken recipe so I have to cook at my home....Thanks for sharing...

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