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Judah--did you use the actual chicken meat for anything? I'm not sure if you could since you had to hack it into bits but maybe a chicken salad or something? Or throwing it into the defatted and strained stock and making soup? Just trying to find extra uses for things...if you can't use the chicken for anything, I'm going to stick to carcass stock I think...

Unfortunately, the meat is pretty useless at the end of this. After being sauteed, sweated, and boiled, there's not much flavor left in it. I have nothing against a carcass stock, I just found this recipe interesting because I never imagined you could make a GOOD chicken stock in an hour.

Thanks--I hadn't heard of stock like this either so thanks for the info :) I've got a slowcooker buffalo stew waiting for me when I get home...and fresh tomatoes, basil, parsley, and peppers on the balcony! Feels like summer!

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