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Be still my heart! So much easier than the cream in the jar thing!

I've been meaning to try this!

Making butter IS fun. I used to do it with my preschool students - poured a little cream in a baby food jar w/ a pinch of salt. The kids shook the heck out of the jar and voila....butter! My daughter's class made their own butter for their Thanksgiving feast this year too. It's so much fun!

Oh too funny! I actually blogged this yesterday too, but did the manual churn method. I don't have a very good food processer. =)

Wow, can't wait to try this. How long will it keep if you do the water-on-top thing?

Jocelyn, I'm not sure how long it will keep (yesterday was my first time making it!), but I've read that it should keep for about as long as regular butter as long as you get all of the buttermilk off of the butter before you store it.

Very cool!!

I love this idea, brilliant! We will do this this week for sure.

If you want to keep it longer, rinse the curds a few times. Just drain the butter, add clean water, blitz a few times and drain again. Keep doing this until the water stays clean.

You can also do this with a handmixer, of course.

You can also wrap some in wax paper and freeze it!

Just sayin':)

huh. wicked cool!

I think I only made butter once, but it wasn't in a food processor. How easy is this!

Thanks Kay! And thanks for having the original recipe that inspired this post in the first place. :)

You're welcome!

I've never thought of using the food processor for making butter. What a great idea, much easier than by hand!

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